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Jim DeFilippis

Broadcast/Media Consulting
TMS Consulting SMPTE Hollywood

Jim is an accomplished professional in the broadcast/media space. He has established TMS Consulting, a consulting practice focusing on media file based workflow, sports broadcast technology, high frame rate production, mobile digital television.

Well rounded, Jim has worked for the Olympic Host broadcasters in 6 Olympics, led the technology development and implementation at FOX, and was a key person at the HDTV test facility in Washington DC.

He has been awarded two Technical Emmys for his work on HDTV and MPEG splicing, is a Fellow of the SMPTE and received the 2012 David Sarnoff Medal for Advancing the State of the Art for Television given by the SMPTE.

Jim has a MS in Electrical Engineering, member of AES and IEEE. He has worked on standards development within ATSC, SMPTE, IEEE and the ITU-R.

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