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Saturday, 4/13/2024 
12:00pm PDT 

Explore the forefront of immersive filmmaking with a global lineup of emerging and established artists sharing their experiences producing animated films for large-scale dome theaters. Produced by LA SIGGRAPH in cooperation with Dome Fest West.

Saturday, 13 April 2024
Virtual Event

Saturday, 4/13/2024 

12:00 PDT    Welcome/Announcements 
12:10 PDT    Panelist Introductions and Talks 
  1:10 PDT    Moderator/Audience Q&A

  1:30 PDT    Post-Panel Metaverse Social (optional)                                                                                                             


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Special Thanks

To our Moderator, Producer, and Past Chair of LA ACM SIGGRAPH, Ed Lantz.  Thank you to all of the Presenters:  Julius Horsthuis,  Michael J Saul,  Rocco Helmchen, and  Maximiliane Nirschl. Thank you to the LA SIGGRAPH officers including: Joan Collins, Larry Rosenthal, Rick Hernandez, Dave Curlender, and Sharon Eisenberg; plus all of the appointed Executive Council members: Leonard Daly and Fran Zandonella.