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Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH is the only chapter that has operated continuously since 1978 – congratulations to years of community support!

We submit our archive of our earliest newsletters. If you have any other newsletters from these early days, (1980 → 2001) please scan and let us know if you would like them included in this Archive. Scan especially the info about: 1) the actual meeting content, 2) the speakers, and 3) the EC members at that time.

All of the documents are scanned as PDF files and are attached to a page designated by year and document type. (Example: "<year>_<month>_<topic>.pdf" ⇒ “1984_02_magi.pdf”)

Congratulations also to the International SIGGRAPH Conference, which started in 1974. Jon Meads and Bob Schiffman organized the first annual SIGGRAPH conference. It was held in Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 1974 as the 1st Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.